Information for hotel guests

Arrival at the hotel (check-in)

Upon arrival at the hotel, please check-in at our reception. You will receive your room key or access card as well as all the necessary information for your stay, some of which is listed below. Check-in is available from 14h to 19h unless otherwise arranged in advance. Thank you and have a pleasant stay.

Departure from the hotel

Your apartment should be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. If you require a later departure time, please ask the receptionist if this is possible due to the arrival of other guests. Please do not forget to return your room key or access card. Thank you and we hope that you will remember your stay with us in the best way.

Breakfast and restaurant

Breakfast at our hotel is served buffet style from 8am to 9:30am. The restaurant is open from 11am to 9pm (the kitchen takes orders until 7.30pm). We wish you a good taste.

Prepaid lunches and dinners (board and half board)

As of 1.5.2022, our hotel has switched to charging half-board and other types of prepaid meals as a credit against restaurant spending. Prepaid lunches or dinners can be redeemed by selecting food and beverages from our à la carte menu and the prepaid value of the meal will be deducted from your restaurant bill at the final checkout. This allows you to choose your meal from our entire menu at a time that best suits your daily schedule. You can then use the unused meal credit for one day at any time during your stay. The credit is non-refundable.


The wellness facilities of our hotel are available to guests from 7am-8pm (Jacuzzi from 9am, saunas from 2pm). Bathrobes, towels and sheets for the sauna can be requested at reception. If the Finnish sauna or steam room are not in use, please ask at reception to turn them on. You can order drinks served in plastic cups for your safety via a QR code located in the spa area. Thank you for keeping our spa calm, peaceful and orderly.


Our hotel is equipped with STARLINK satellite internet connection by SpaceX, through the CHATAJANA wireless network with the password chatajana. The connection has sufficient speed for consuming multimedia content, teleconferencing, homeoffice and other modern applications and is available free of charge to our guests at the hotel and restaurant. We wish you uninterrupted connectivity.

Information for smokers

The indoor areas of the hotel are non-smoking. You can enjoy your favourite cigarette, cigar or pipe on the terraces and balconies of our hotel. Thank you for your consideration for other guests who do not share your passion :)