Mountain wellness hotel Chata Jana and surroundings

Our cottage is situated on the southeastern slope just below the top of Mikulčina Vrch. It offers an unforgettable "alpine" view of the Slovak peaks of the White Carpathians with beautiful sunrises. It is located at an altitude of 750 metres above sea level.

From our chalet you can see below the mountain peaks the valley of Vyškovce Bošáček, a traditional hill-climbing area that was inhabited in the past by people looking for an escape from society, a place where they could live freely and in harmony with nature. The Moravian Kopanice area is therefore imbued with the specific energy of local culture and natural traditions.

The whole area is part of the Moravian Slovácko region, it falls within the Uherské Hradiště district and the Zlín region and is directly adjacent to the Slovak border. We are a Moravian mountain region, unknown to many and pleasantly surprising to many. We will be glad if you visit us!


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